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Custom Corset & Bustier

Ordering your custom corset or bustier is a cinch

Select the corset or bustier that fits your personal style from one of the 8 shapes available – Begin gathering ideas and inspiration for the designer to utilize when crafting your custom corset – Keep in mind where you will be wearing your corset – ani & ari corsets run the gamut from simple clean classic designs to over the top “Moulin Rouge” fantasy pieces and everything in between

Phone the ani & ari atelier to set up a consultation

During the appointment via telephone or Skype, we will guide you through the design process and answer any questions you might have! This includes choosing fabrics, fit and any other design elements.

Carefully fill out our online measurement sheet. Here’s a tip drop by a tailor and ask if they would assist you. We will make sure you take the most accurate measurements to ensure a perfectly fit custom piece.

  You are now on your way to you having a couture corset or bustier for your wardrobe!